The Difference Between A Buyers Market And A Sellers Market

Real estate markets change constantly. If you are considering buying or selling your home soon, it is a good idea to keep an eye on market trends. Many real estate professionals refer to markets as buyer’s and seller’s marketplace. But, what does that mean and how do you know which type of market it is? This post will explain the differences between these types of markets and what causes them.

What Is A Seller’s Market?

A seller’s marketplace is when the demand exceeds the supply. Or, more simply, it is when more people are looking to buy homes than there are available. Home sellers often have the upper hand when this happens.

But, How Do You Determine If A Seller Is In The Market?

A seller’s market can be influenced by many factors, including:

Population Growth

An increase in the population usually leads to a greater demand for housing. The market can tip in the sellers’ favor if there isn’t enough housing inventory.

Job Market Development

The growth of the job market often drives population growth. More jobs are created when new businesses open.

Reduced Housing Starts

Housing starts are the number of homes that are being built during a specific time period.

Tips For Buying On A Sellers Market

You’re likely to be competing against multiple offers from other buyers in a competitive real estate market. There are ways that you can stand out from the crowd and put your best foot forward.

Be Prepared

A pre-approval letter should be obtained from your bank before you start your search for a home.

Waive Contingencies

A deal cannot proceed unless all contingencies have been met. The greater the risk to the seller, the more contingencies you have.

Deposit With A Higher Earnest Money

An earnest deposit is a deposit made in good faith that the property will be yours.

Write A Personal Letter

A personal touch can often make you stand out from other buyers.

What Is The Buyer’s Market?

If the supply of homes is greater than the demand, it’s called a buyer’s marketplace. In other words, more homes are available than buyers.

There are several factors that could influence a buyer’s marketplace, including:

New Construction

Increased supply is directly attributed to the construction of new homes. Just because there are homes being built doesn’t mean there won’t be buyers looking to purchase them.

Economic Factors

A loss of employment in the area, or a large employer moving out of state, may lead to more people selling their homes.

Demographic Shifts

This can be seen in the case of younger people who are putting off homeownership. This shift reduces the pool of buyers and decreases the demand for homes.

Tips For Selling On A Buyers Market

A market that favors buyers may cause problems for sellers because you will be competing with a greater supply of homes. Here are some ways that you can make your house more appealing to potential buyers.

Payment For Repairs

Offers to pay for repairs are another way to sweeten the deal. But, it is important to avoid taking on these repairs.


Pricing your home should be competitive from the beginning. This will make it less likely that you have to lower the price later.

Be Flexible

The reality of a buyer’s market is that you might not get what you’re looking for.

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