Devolution to Direct Evaporative Cooling

When compared to other climate control systems available, evaporative air cooling offers the most energy-efficient temperature relief for commercial or industrial environments of any size and scope.

We have demonstrated cost reductions and operational returns in a wide range of industries using our evaporative cooling systems, which are up to 80 percent more economical than conventional air conditioning systems.

A difference between evaporative cooler vs central air is that they circulate fresh air through a building while forcing out the stale, hot air that has accumulated over time.

It is an excellent solution for a wide range of applications, particularly those in which regular air changes are required, including but not restricted to:

Facility for the production of goods

• Warehouses

Facilities such as manufacturing facilities and industrial plants are examples of industrial facilities.

• Areas that is open or semi-open.

• Commercial kitchens and dining establishments.

• Animal farms and breeding facilities are other types of animal facilities.

Storage areas such as workshop or garage


• Operation that is energy efficient, up to 80 percent more cost-effective than refrigeration systems.

• No recalculated air, only completely fresh air

• Relatively low cost

• Low-maintenance design and installation.

• When doors and windows are open, the cooling is effective.

There was no other substance used than water (no harsh chemical refrigerants)

Explain What Direct Evaporative Cooling Is And Why It Is Used. What Is The Method By Which It Functions?

To cool the air, evaporative air conditioning must be employed. Pumping water from the reservoir to the cooling pad, which becomes extremely wet, is the basic operation of an evaporative cooler. Through the moistened pad, the air is drawn into the unit by a fan from outside of it. In addition to being cooled by evaporation while passing through the pad.

Evaporative cooling is most effective when each of the cooling pads is completely saturated at all times during operation. It is also most effective when the system’s fan and motor are sized and designed to deliver the proper amount of airflow for the space. The fact that cooled air inside the building is not recalculated must be kept in mind; therefore, doors and windows must be left open to allow this air to escape, or extraction fans must be installed.

Evaporative Cooling Has Many Benefits

Evaporative coolers are here to stay for the foreseeable future, according to the manufacturers. They represent both the present and the future of the world. The advantages of using evaporative air cooling are beyond dispute. Fumes and odors are eliminated, new, fresh, filtered air is obtained, and constant ventilation is maintained in your warehouse, plant, or company with wet-air cooling.

Among the evaporative air coolers on the market, Biocool Eco Cooling Solution is a leader. Due to our extensive experience in the development of environmentally friendly and healthful energy-saving innovations, we have risen to the top of our field. Air coolers have proven to be extremely successful because of the perfect marriage of technology and the environment.

A/C units for homes and businesses are something that our team of professionals is very familiar with. Knowing the difference between an air cooler and a portable air conditioning unit is important to us, and we put this knowledge to work for our customers, which results in a product that combines the best features of both types of equipment.

Evaporative Cooling and Its Operational Benefits:

Bio coal is known for its innovative use of evaporative cooling technology. Our best selling point is the ability to maintain comfortable temperatures in a variety of situations and environments. Before implementing a solution, we research and analyze the characteristics of the installation. This helps to explain why our customers are completely satisfied.

Dependent on external conditions, it can bring the temperature down by 5 to 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

Compared to air conditioning, it consumes 80 percent less power.

Using it, you can improve the quality of the air you breathe by eliminating dust, fumes, and unpleasant odor.

Cooling of specific zones is made possible through this method.

Innovating for the long term and being environmentally conscious

Neither doors nor windows should be closed.

Fresh, outside air that has been filtered 100 percent of the time

Reduces static electricity in the environment

Boosts productivity while also lowering the number of workplace accidents