Some Things You Need To Know About Portable Evaporative Coolers

High humidity makes it more difficult for evaporative cool to work. In hot, dry conditions, an evaporative coolant can perform as well as a refrigerant-based air conditioner. At 14% relative humidity, the temperature is in the mid-80s, this is an example. Evaporative coolers can be used to reduce the temperature to the low 60s under these conditions. That’s a lot cooler than what you’ll ever use your home for. Even with a 90°F day and average humidity, and efficient evaporative cooling system can bring down the temperature in a home to a more comfortable level.

1) Control Panel & Remote Control:


Air coolers often come with a timer that allows you to set a timer for the device. If you don’t want the cooler to work continuously, this option can be very useful.

Remote Control:

Modern air coolers include a remote control that provides comfort and convenience regardless of the mode you select.

2) Cooling Pads

These coolers are efficient because of the design of the cooler pads as well as the humidity in the air.

Aspen Cooling Pads are typically more affordable and easy to install. They are also more biodegradable, more efficient, and last longer than synthetic versions.

Cellulose pads can also be referred to as honeycomb cooling pads. These pads look just like a honeycomb, as their name implies. These pads are thicker than Aspen Pads and require less maintenance. They also have a longer life expectancy. They are less efficient, but they cost a little more. They should be at least 90mm thick to cool air more efficiently.

3) Water Tank

Hose Connector

Some units include a connector for a garden hose, also known as an Automat Water-level Controller. This connector allows you to attach a regular garden hose directly to your unit. This will ensure that the cooler has a constant and steady water supply. This will save you the effort of manually filling the reservoir.

Water Level Indicator

If the air cooler does not have a water level controller, the indicator should be added. You will need to manually fill the water tank if there is no water level controller. The water level indicator will indicate when enough water has been added to the tank. This helps reduce the chance of flooding the floor or leaking by not filling the tank with too much water.

Water Inlet Valve And Drain Valve

To ensure optimal cooling, use a cup or a water pipe to fill the tank through the small inlet. This is the best way to fill up the tank to its maximum level. The Drain Valve allows for frequent water changes to prevent mold and mildew growth.

4) Airflow

Airflow is also affected by whether the fan or blower is used by the evaporative cooler. Fans can produce airflow at low pressure but in large volumes. They are often used in big air coolers. Blowers, on the other hand, can produce high-pressure airflow in large volumes. They are often used in small air cooler models. You should look for models that have multiple speeds when choosing an evaporative cooler. This is one way to control the room temperature by controlling the airflow. Most portable coolers have at least a 3-speed regulator. The automatic louver movement feature is important for swamp coolers as it allows cool air to flow in any direction.

5) Ice Compartments

Manufacturers often include special features such as ice gel packs and ice compartments that create the feeling of cold air. The addition of ice to the compartments can be very effective when temperatures are extremely high. The coolness of the compartments is determined by the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment. An excessive amount of ice can slow down the process. This could reduce the efficiency of the air cooler.